Company Profile


Founded on 19th March 1964, Famaval S.A., is located in Vale de Cambra city / Portugal. Our core business consists of high quality satellite dishes manufacture, complemented with functional fixation accessories.

The company currently holds a floor production capacity of 6 million antennas per year, employees 180 workers in different areas and has a total floor covered area of 10 000 m2.

Our company has the ability to produce any kind of current satellite dishes as well as improve and innovate according to the market requirements. We currently manufacture over 60 different models by 16 diameters between 45cm and 3.10m.

Famaval is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 50001 by TÜV Rheinland Portugal.

As a global major player and part of the globally production expansion, FAMAVAL S.A expanded into the South America market, Brazil, Santos in 2009 and Itajaí in 2013. FAMAVAL-Equipamentos para Telecomunicação LTDA, in Brazil, is a leading company in this upcoming market of telecommunications for TV signal reception. In Brazil, FAMAVAL is working directly with the main DTH operators on the market.

Following the guide lines of the South American strategy, we expanded to Central America and create one subsidiary in Mexico. In the near future we expect to grow further in geographical area and develop the North American market as well as new markets around the world.



Mission And Vision


Company capable of offering innovative solutions in the satellite and terrestrial reception area, which anticipate and meet the needs of all of our customers.


Be recognized as a world reference in the provision of satellite reception solutions based on the parabolic antenna.



Famaval Group Policy

Customer Focus

The customer is the reason of our existence. In this sense, we are committed to working to achieve your full satisfaction and loyalty, providing you with a high quality product and service, at a competitive price, meeting the pre-defined deadlines and exceeding your needs and expectations.

Employees Valuing and Accountability

Provide an attractive and motivating work environment, providing to all employees all possible means, technical resources and professional knowledge, necessary for the good performance of their duties and promoting healthy integration in the social, cultural and geographical context.

Maintain and Promote Partner Relationships with Suppliers

Encourage the creation and maintenance of a comercial relationships with our suppliers, allowing the search for new and better solutions, ensuring a permanent technological update of our product and our internal processes with high energy efficiency.

Ensuring Efficient Energy Management

Energy resources are increasingly scarce and unpredictable. We aim to improve our overall energy performance, including use, consumption and energy efficiency.
We also aim to achieve improvements in energy performance through the acquisition of energy-efficient equipment and services and incorporate developments to improve energy performance.

Continuous Improvement

Promote the constant updating and compliance with legislation related to the Product, Energy, Environmental and Health, Hygiene and Safety at Work (SHST). To bet on the continuous improvement of the organization, in order to optimize resources and processes, making the product more competitive, thus, in the face of constant technological evolution. Improved Safety, Environmental and Energy performance by minimizing occupational risks and environmental impacts. This will improve the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Increase Company Value

Continuously and sustainably increase the value of the company, guaranteeing profitability, success and competitiveness. Promote Community Respect with a healthy integration of Famaval in the environment in which it inserts in order to consolidate an image of business ethics.



Some Customers

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